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Cello Class Outline

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Style Form ComposerPieceNotes
1)Medieval Plainchant Sequence
Hildegard of Bingen
Columba Aspexit
12th century
Columba aspexit
2)Medieval Dance - Estampie (instrumental)
Repeating sections
Anonymous Sixth Royal Estampie
from Chansonnier du Roy
(13th c. French)
3)Renaissance Song
homophonic texture
AA1 B A2A3
King Henry 8th
( 1491-1547)
Helas Madame Helas Madame
4)Renaissance Dance – Jig
Anonymous Kemp’s Jigg
(16th c. English)
Kemp’s Jigg
5)Renaissance Instrumental
Consort music
Lupo, Thomas (1571-1627) Fantasia (c. 1599-1625) Fantasia
6)Baroque Minuet
Binary form: AB
(two parts)
Crome, Robert
c. 1705-1770
Minuet from
The Fiddle New Model’d
(c. 1735)
Crome's Minuet
7)Baroque Incidental Music
Purcell, Henry
Rondeau from
Aphra Behn's Abdelazar
8)Baroque Orchestral Suite
Handel, George Friederich
Hornpipe from
Water Music Suite
9)Baroque Trio Sonata
theme and variations
Marais, Marin

Corelli, Arcangelo

Vivaldi, Antonio
La Folia Medey:
Couplets des Folies
d’Espagne - Marais;
Sonata No. 12, Op.5
- Corelli; Op. 1, No. 12
Trio Sonata – Vivaldi
La Folia Medey
10)Baroque Concerto
concerto for two violins
Vivaldi, Antonio
Allegro from Double
Violin Concerto in A
minor, Op. 3 No. 8,
1st movement
Vivaldi's Allegro
11)Baroque Cello Suite
Bach, J.S.
Prelude from
Cello Suite I in G Major
Bach's Prelude
12)Baroque Concerto Grosso
1st movement, Allegro
Bach, J.S.
Allegro 1st movement
from Brandenburg
Concerto No. 5
Bach's Allegro
13)Baroque Mass - Kyrie Cazzati, Maurizio
Kyrie from
Messa a 4 con violini
14)Baroque Oratorio
Air and Chorus
Handel, George Frideric
Messiah Medley:
He Shall Feed His
Flock Like a Shepherd
and Hallelujah Chorus
Messiah Medley
15)Baroque Cantata
instrumental sinfonia
1st movement, Arioso
Bach, J.S.
Arioso from
Cantata No. 156
16)Classical Motet Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
Ave Verum Corpus
Ave Verum Corupus
17)Classical Violin concerto
2nd movement, Adagio
Ternary form: A-B-A
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
Violin Concerto No. 3
in G, Adagio 2nd movement
Mozart's Adagio
& Romantic
String quartet
2nd movement, Andante
Schubert, Franz
String Quartet No. 13
in A minor, Op. 29
Andante 2nd movement
Schubert's Andante
19)Classical String quartet
2nd movement
Theme and Variations
Haydn, Franz Joseph
Emperor Quartet in C major, Op. 76, No. 3.
Andante, 2nd movement
Haydn's Andante
20)Classical Symphony – 2nd mvt
Theme and Variations
Haydn, Franz Joseph
Surprise Symphony
No. 94, 2nd mvt.
Surprise Symphony
& Romantic
1st and 2nd movements
Program music
Beethoven, Ludwig van
Pastoral Symphony No. 6
1st and 2nd movements
Pastoral Symphony
22)Romantic Folk tune arrangement Brahms, Johannes
Hungarian Dance No. 5
Hungarian Dance No. 5
23)Romantic Symphonic poem Smetana, Bedrich
The Moldau
from Má Vlast
The Moldau
24)Romantic Folk song arrangement Edward Grieg
Halling from 25
Norwegian Folksongs and Dances
25)Romantic Waltz Johann Strauss II
Emperor Waltz, Op. 437
Emperor Waltz
26)Romantic Chamber Music
solo violin
with accompaniment
Viardot, Pauline Vieille Chanson from
6 Morceaux pour
Piano et Violon
Vieille Chanson
27)Romantic Violin Concerto
slow movement (2nd)

Three movements:
Fast – Slow - Fast
Mendelssohn, Felix
Violin Concerto in E Minor,
op. 64, Andante 2nd mvt.
Mendelssohn's Andante
28)Romantic Cello Concerto Dvorak, Antonin
Cello Concerto in B minor,
op. 104, Allegro & Adagio
excerpts from mvts. I & II
Dvorak's Allegro & Adagio
29)Romantic String Quartet – 3rd
movement, Nocturne
Borodin, Alexander
Nocturne 3rd mvt. from
String Quartet No. 2 in D
Major (1881)
30)Romantic Chamber Music
solo with accompaniment
Glazunov, Aleksandr
Elégie for Viola and
Piano in Gm, Op. 44
31)Romantic Sonata - 2nd mvt.
Vieuxtemps, Henri
Sonata in Bb for Viola &
Piano, Op. 36, 2nd mvt.,
Barcarolla (1863)
32)Romantic Song Gounod, Charles-Francois
Bach, J.S. (1685-1760)
Ave Maria from a theme
by J.S. Bach (1859)
Ave Maria
33)Romantic Chamber Music
solo with piano
Faure, Gabriel
Sicilienne Op. 78
for cello & piano
34)Romantic Opera - intermezzo Massenet, Jules
Meditation from Thaïs
35)Romantic Opera - Aria Bizet, Georges
Habanera from Carmen
Habanera from Carmen
36)Romantic Orchestral Suite Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich
Dance of the Reed Flutes
from the Nutcracker Suite
Dance of the Reed Flutes
37)20th Century-
Orchestral suite
Stravinsky, Igor
Overture (Sinfonia) from
Pulcinella Suite (1922)
Overture from Pulcinella
38)20th Century-
Trio Sonata Gallo, Domenico
Moderato from Sonata No. 1
in G Major, 1st mvt.
Gallo's Sonata No. 1 in G
39)20th Century Quartet
2nd movement, Scherzo
Ravel, Maurice
String Quartet in F Major,
Assez Vif 2nd mvt.
Assez Vif from String Quartet in F
40)20th Century Chamber music
solo with piano
Webern, Anton
Opus 7, 4 Pieces for
Violin & Piano, Piece 1,
Sehr langsam (1910)
Sehr langsam
41)20th Century Folk song Brackett Jr., Joseph
Simple Gifts
Simple Gifts
42)20th Century Orchestral
Folk dance - Brâul
Bartok, Bela
Brâul from Romanian
Folk Dances (1915)
Bartok's Brâul
43)Gypsy Gypsy Traditional Gypsy – The Basso The Basso
44)Klezmer Klezmer
Folk dance -Bulgarish
Traditional Jewish Klezmer –
Odessa Bulgarish
Odessa Bulgarish
45)Greek Greek folk music
hasapikos dance
Traditional Varys Hasapikos Varys Hasapikos
46)Mariachi Mariachi-jarabe
and tapatío dances
Traditional El Jarabe Tapatio El Jarabe Tapatio
47)Chinese Chinese folk music Traditional Jasmine Flower Jasmine Flower
48)Indian Indian Carnatic music
instrumental piece
Sara Sara Sara Sara
49)Arabic Arabic music
longa dance,
nahawand maqam
(key it is played in)
Bey, Tanburi Cemil
Longa Nahawand Longa Nahawand
50)Fiddle American Fiddle Medley Traditional Bile Them Cabbage Down,
Devil’s Dream, Shuffle
Bile Them Cabbage Down,
Devil’s Dream, Shuffle
51)Fiddle Irish Fiddle
double jig
Traditional Irish Washerwoman Irish Washerwoman
52)Ragtime Ragtime – solo with
piano accompaniment
Berlin, Irving
The Ragtime Violin
The Ragtime Violin
53)Ragtime/early Jazz Ragtime/early Jazz
dance music
Europe, James Reese
Ford Thompson Dabney
The Castle Walk (1913) The Castle Walk
54)Blues/Jazz Blues/Jazz Handy, W. C.
St. Louis Blues
St. Louis Blues


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