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Cello Online Rhythmic Value Chart

Whole Note whole note 4 beats whole rest
Dotted Half Note* dotted half note 3 beats dotted half rest
Half Note half note 2 beats half rest 
Quarter Note quarternote 1 beat quarter rest
Eighth Note eigth note 1/2 beat eigth rest
Sixteenth Note sixteenth note 1/4 beat sixteenth rest

*A dot increases the value of a note by 1/2. Example:

Cello Online Equivalent Note Chart

Whole Note whole note      
Half Notes half note half note    
Quarter Notes quarternote quarternote quarternote quarternote
Eighth Notes eighth notes eighth notes eighth notes eighth notes
Eighth Note Triplets* triplets triplets triplets triplets
Sixteenth Notes sixteenth notes sixteenth notes sixteenth notes sixteenth notes

*A triplet is a group of three notes played in the time of 2 notes of the same value.