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Cello Online Dynamics Chart

  Dynamics Dynamics is a term that indicates the degree of loudness or softness in music. The following commonly used dynamic terms are listed in the order of softest to loudest.*
pianississimo Pianississimo As soft as possible
pianissimo Pianissimo Very soft
piano Piano soft
mezzo piano Mezzo piano Moderately soft
mezzo forte Mezzo forte Moderately loud
forte Forte loud
fortissimo Fortissimo Very loud
fortississimo Fortississimo As loud as possible

*Although dynamics softer than ppp or louder than fff are theoretically possible, in actual practice, they are rarely used.

Additional Dynamic Terms

crescendo Crescendo Crescendo (cresc.) means to gradually become louder.
diminuendo Diminuendo Diminuendo (dim.) means to gradually become softer. The term decrescendo (decresc. or decr.) also means to become softer.
accent Accent Emphasize the note by playing forcefully.
sforzando Sforzando Play loudly with a sudden, forced emphasis.