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Distance Learning Strategies for Strings

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The following article is based on the author's 1998 dissertation.


By Dr. Robin Kay Deverich


There is a need for distance learning for strings. Opportunities are limited for string students who wish to begin or continue learning how to play stringed instruments outside of a school or studio environment, and time, distance, and access constraints inhibit music students from taking private lessons or participating in music courses in a traditional studio or classroom setting. Although the flexible nature of distance learning has the potential to resolve the unmet educational needs of string students, there are no models of distance learning for stringed instruments that address such issues as the design, content, and conceptual framework of a string distance learning program. This paper presents a framework of string distance learning with the following dimensions: a summary of fundamental principles of string technique and traditional models of string instruction, and a distance learning implementation framework with three instructional models, four levels of technologies, and sample modes of instruction and implementation.

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